Hello, my name is JaLisa E. Vaughn. I am a 23 year old college graduate from Syracuse University, with a Bachelor of Science in Information Management & Technology. I am from Pittsburgh, PA but I currently live in Dallas, Texas; employed as an IT Solutions Advisor at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

I love God. I am passionate about HAIR, fashion, cooking and the “art” of social media.

My love for social media started long ago when I received first a Myspace page (lol). I enjoy connecting with people from all over the world to build and maintain relationships. As social media grew, so did my engagement. I became a “guru” in cultivating every social site created; primarily Facebook and Instagram .

While in college my major in Information Management and Technology sometimes incorporated different  aspects of social media. Long story short, I RANDOMLY acquired a huge following on various networks. At that point, I began allowing people more access into my life/journey via my pages.

Because of that, I now have a significant following of women who often message and email me asking for spiritual, educational & career advice. I have floated around the idea of starting a blog just to publicly answer some of the questions. Yet, that idea did not sit with me well with me due to my many imperfections along with not wanting to confuse or portray the wrong image. However, as I grow older, realize my purpose (God’s plan for my life) and focus in on my TRUE assignment, I realize that even if one person benefits from anything I say or grows closer to God because of it, it is all worth it.

So with this blog, I plan to publicly answer all of the specific questions, letting you in a bit more, all while allowing myself to be transparent and honest with the realities of “MY WORLD”.

I pray you are inspired & encouraged! <3