Sooooo, this past weekend I had the opportunity to host my first ever Meet & Greet to hang out and connect with some of my followers. The event was hosted by Vernacular Boutique on Sylvan Ave. in Dallas (where my college friend Aliyah Autrey is the Manager) and Catered by The Geaux Girl an amazing Dallas chef! The rose provided at the event was sponsored by the amazing Château de Berne and Ultimate Provence wines! While at the event all I could think is, I can’t believe these people are here to connect with me, I can’t believe that this is what I do full time and that I am this in love with it!

What is also extremely crazy to me is the fact that I never knew what an “influencer meet & greet” was until I moved to Dallas and saw some of my other favorites doing them. To me it was so far out of my reach, because I couldn’t grasp the fact that if you weren’t an actual celebrity that people would come out to hang and just connect with you outside of social media or the Internet in general. — Especially people that have never in life seen you in person. All that being said, I appreciate every single person that  took time out of their schedule to come and show love, the ones out of the city that sent messages congratulating me, and just all of you in general for your continuous support of my journey!! This is only the beginning and I cannot wait to continue to sharing with you all!!

As dramatic as it may sound, this event was so surreal for me and even the more of confirmation that this is what I am supposed to be doing! S/O out to God!!! He really will do His thing if you let HIM!!! Anyway, check out some of the photos!!!

Love y’all <3


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