Heyy Yall! Sooo, I always get the question “Where do you shop” which is probably the hardest question to answer being I don’t have ONE set place. What I thought I would do with this post is correlate a list of my TOP 10 favorite places to shop. This post is not sponsored in any way, so it’s literally me just outlining where the majority of my closet is from, for you all to check them out and get you some items lol! I have also included some photos so you all can pair the stores with some looks you have seen on my page! — (@JaLisaEVaughn if you aren’t following me already)

That being said, Let’s get started!!!


You all already know my thoughts on Boohoo from a previous post! Extremely affordable and quality items! They typically ship from overseas but still manage to get your items to you extremely fast (about a week). Along with that, at least once a month they have 50% OFF of everything, which is really when I rack up on items! I’ve never really had a problem with sizing or the quality of any item and have been shopping here 5+ years! What I would recommend is test out a few items when you place your first order to get your sizing down packed, and then go crazy LOL. You will not regret it! I would say at least 50% of my closet is made up of this store!

27173173_2057462867600647_6506499839669397578_o (1).jpg


If you have been following me for the last 6-12 months, you have seen me posting an excessive amount of Fashion nova items. While I am a #novababe, I have grown to absolutely love their items. Not only because they have a #CURVE section for when I think things will run small, but because of the way each and every item fits like a glove no matter what. It’s often hard for us thick girls to find clothing that fits well, so when I noticed they were for every size and shape I was SOLD! Only thing I haven’t been able to completely master is the non- stretch jean sizing, but I am gonna keep trying until I do lol!

Forever 21

I mean, who doesn’t love Forever….


Shu Deals (In Dallas, Tx)

So there’s this shoe store in Dallas….. we call it  the $9.99 shoe store, but its real name is SHU DEALS. They have every possible style/type of shoe you can imagine. Being that a lot of my shoes I get to match outfits to shoot in, I honestly don’t always worry about the longevity/durability of the shoe. I often just want something cute, quick, easy and cheap, which is when I go here. They have the cutest shoes and often times the are the ones that you see on IG boutiques at 3x the price. It’s almost like the warehouse/wholesale place they get them from! Check them out if you are ever in the Dallas area! YOU WILL BE ADDICTED!


Pretty Little Thing

When it comes to PLT, I must say I initially thought their clothing was only for the super thin & tall girls. To my surprise after placing my first order, I saw that totally wasn’t the case. In fact, they even had a curve shop as well. They have the cutest fun & flirty looks but I will say they run a little big! So I would maybe order I size down when placing your order and see how it works for you!


Intertwine Collection

Simply put, they have the absolute best ‘“stand out pieces”!


Most people sleep on SheInside because it doesn’t always look “legit” and also bc sometimes they use other images. I have been shopping here for a few years and have always used it as my go to place for church dresses and winter sweaters! I’m not gonna say I’ve never had a problem with an item maybe not fully matching the photo on the site before, but in the last year or so I haven’t! So maybe they just glo’d up!

Asos literally has everything you can possibly think of and ships items ridiculously fast!


Hot Miami Styles

When I’m in the mood to be “sexy cute”… this is it lol!


Lola Shoetique

I actually just recently sharted shopping at Lola Shoetique but after I ordered a few things initially, I saw the quality and BOMBNESS of the items, and went back to rack it up! Perfect place to get your spring/summer items for when the weather wants to cooperate!