Just as our body needs food so does our spirit. We rarely think about the diet our spirit is getting. Taking a closer look at what you have been feeding your spirit will more than likely reveal why a deep hunger exists at times. Whether it’s the shows we watch, things we read, the people we are around, the thoughts we choose feed into, or even the conversation we allow ourselves to participate in, they all affect us in various ways.

Whatever you feed is going to grow. If you’re always feeding negative thoughts like, I’m not enough, I’ve messed up too bad, there’s no way I will ever get it right, you are feeding yourself doubt and mediocrity, guilt, and regret. When you feed those negative thoughts to your spirit they are bound to keep getting bigger. The enemy’s main tool is deception and we cannot be victims to it. We have to stop giving certain things energy (and I am very guilty of this myself). We need to starve our spirits of anything that prohibits healthy spiritual growth.

We can very easily and often get sidetracked by all of the things happening in our lives, so much that we don’t pay attention to the key things. I know for me specifically, I have to intentionally feed myself the word, whether it’s listening to a message on youtube while working or reading a bible based book, just to keep myself in the right “head space”. When you struggle with anxiety, you really don’t have that option. (Another needed discussion)

Are your thoughts inspiring you, or causing you to compromise because you don’t think you deserve more?

Some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Am I allowing my spirit to spiral down with thoughts filled with worry?

  • Has busyness crowded my quiet time, where I don’t have the time to think about the choices I am making?

  • Is my entertainment feeding me things that actually rob my spirit?

  • Am I surrounding myself with people that encourage me or pull me down?

  • What desires am I focusing on?

  • Based on my thinking pattern, “Who am I becoming?”

Your spirit man is the man on the inside. It is the real you. It’s the you God originally created. So when people look at you, they don’t see the real you. They see the house you live in. It’s important that you build up your physical body, develop your mind, but very important to continuously feed your spirit man. You build up your spirit man the same way you build up your physical man, through discipline.

Through my spiritual disciplines, I have practiced intentional prayer, reading the word, and learning how to tap into the voice of God and let Him be my guide. When I’m led by His voice, I am conscious about (trying) to always being positive, honest, faithful, kind, and patient. But when I’m disconnected from His voice, I am fearful, mistrusting, full of anxiety and controlling over my life. It’s much more beneficial to let Him lead, which sounds obvious, but, of course, it’s never simple! However, I’ve committed to keep the connection alive through a daily practice of feeding my spirit with the word in some way.

Along with that, we have to learn to put our inner/spirit man on serious diets when needed. “Faith food” only, feeding your goals, dreams, and other positivity. Separate from people who exude or display anything different. Only be around those who share the same values and who build you up. When you feed your values, that is what will grow. Your doubts, fear and guilt will get weaker and weaker and eventually die, just like flowers.

Finally, We always have to remember: We are who God says we are. We have what God says we have. We can do what God says we can do. We need to consistently say whatever God has said about us in his word, meditate on it & most of all BELIEVE IT!


JaLisa <3

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