Denver Trip -- Hotel Teatro, Amazing Food And More!

Hey babesss! So I am coming off of an amazing five day trip in Denver, and I must say, I loved every single bit of it. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I absolutely love the summer and the sun, and would gladly skip the winter or cold if possible. However, my trip to Denver had me contemplating if winter could work its way up to being one of my favorites! The snow was beautiful, and the snowy mountains were breathtaking. The highlight of my trip was my experience at Hotel Teatro. Hotel Teatro graciously extended an invitation to lodge at their location during my trip, and I was beyond impressed by the hospitality and service of the hotel and its staff. I now understand why Hotel Teatro has consistently remained at the top as one of the best hotels in Denver which I had read before my arrival.

Hotel Teatro is Denver’s original boutique hotel and immediately you walk in, you are greeted by its beautiful aesthetics and modern art. I have been to many hotels but Hotel Teatro takes the cake for being the most aesthetically pleasing, which means the perfect setting for shooting. Being a blogger, we always appreciate  places that put in effort to looking chic and being picture taking friendly.  Even if you are not a blogger but are someone who loves the finer things in life and values a place with well thought out designs, Hotel Teatro will definitely exceed your expectations.

Other features of the hotel I loved was their beautifully designed lounge, that doubled as a bar and gathering venue for events,The Study, which served as a quiet workspace and last but not least, their popular restaurant, The Nickel. Guys, when I tell you the food was so bomb! Phew! And I especially liked that I did not have to struggle outside of the hotel for breakfast to figure out a place to get coffee & good food.

I went to the most amazing restaurants while there as well! They included Tamayo, Snooze Eatery, Black Pearl, Marcella’s, and La Sandia! All of these places were UNREAL as you can see below!


Have you ever tried food where all the flavors come alive in your mouth, and you can differentiate between the flavors but yet, they blend together so beautifully? That was the food at Tamayo! And to add icing on the cake, the chef came out and interacted with guests and explained the ingredients and process that went into making our food. It was very personable! I cannot wait to go back again.


A MUST GO place to visit if you go to Denver. Seriously! The breakfast was unreal and they had a ton of options. Are you a brunch person? This is the place to go! Overflowing cocktails and tasty dishes with a bold twist. Just writing this and thinking about their menu is making me hungry! Don’t believe me? Go and check out their menu on their website (  and tell me if the menu alone does not make you want to go to Denver! Luckily for me they have a few locations here in Dallas, so I will for sure be visiting them again.


This spot had many different options under one roof. They have teas, coffees, ice cream and boba. They also serve lunch, and I tried their cheetos fries and chicken. It was a super cute lunch spot!

Marcella’s was THEE MOST AMAZING Italian restaurant I’ve ever gone to! The end.

Pretty much every time I travel, I rent out cars so that it’s easier to get around. I highly recommend that you do the same versus taking taxis or any other form of paid transportation, especially in Denver.  If you do in Denver, remember to rent a 4 wheel drive or any car that can maneuver in the snow without any difficulties. If you are like me and you cannot drive in the snow/ice, it is advisable to travel with someone who can drive in those conditions!

Another perk of staying at Hotel Teatro was its close proximity to restaurants, shops and entertainment. The hotel is easily walkable to prime Denver destinations such as the Denver Center for Performing Arts, the Colorado Convention Center, Union Station, and professional sports and entertainment venues such as the Coors Field and Pepsi Center. So if these are places you want to visit in Denver, staying at the hotel allows you to enjoy the local Denver experience.

You can also drive around and find mountains to hike, ski, and shoot on. Marrica and I went to Echo Mountain, and I was able to get some great shots with the some bomb snow scenes! Going up mountains and taking in the beauty of the majestic mountains can be relaxing and peaceful, but nerve wrecking at the same time because you are always wondering if you will actually make it up with the snow covered roads! I just prayed the whole time lol.

If you are a sports fan, you can count on Denver to provide you with different live games to watch. Everywhere I went, I overheard people talking about either night hockey games or basketball games they were going to see.

When we usually think of vacation spots or trips, Denver may not be the first on the list, but if you are looking for a change in environment  r a destination out of the norm, Denver is the place for you. It will surprise you how many places and activities Denver has got to entertain and keep you occupied.

Also, if you are looking for a hotel with great ambiance, well thought out aesthetics, great customer service, and a hotel with close proximity to places that are popping, Hotel Teatro is FOR SURE the place for you. If you need to get work done during your vacation, you won’t have to leave the hotel to get access or a place to concentrate! Hotel Teatro provides it all. I highly recommend Hotel Teatro for anyone who plans to take a trip to the Mile High City. Let them know I sent you!

P.S. If you have not, check out my Denver Vlog on my Youtube to see the behind the scenes and some fun times!

TravelJaLisa Vaughn