For a little over a month, I have been doing the keto diet (an update blog post is coming soon…) and to increase the effectiveness of the diet, I have been SUPER consistent with my workouts. Now, I know I'm not the only one who gets more excited to workout when I get new workout gear! There's just something about getting a cute fit, feeling good & looking good while you workout. It's almost like a confidence booster and makes you want to go even harder. One of my dilemmas when it comes to athletic gear is finding the right sports bra and even bottoms that fit my waist & thighs. But, THIS NEW REEBOK SPORTS BRA! It holds everything in place, it makes running & HIIT workouts a breeze and makes me feel so secure.


The fabric of the bra is treated with groundbreaking technology that responds to motion more accurately than any of its kind. It's designed specifically to feel like second-skin and it truly feels that way… #SHOOK

Random fact but did you know up to 70% of women are wearing the wrong sports bra, and as many as (1) in (5) women avoid exercise because they don't have the bra. This bra aims to change that! So now none of us have ANY excuse not to GET IT IN!!!

Not only are their sports bra BOMB, but their leggings pass the squat test and don’t fall down if you have a smaller waist (that's very important), caters to these thick thighs (thick girl friendly) and the designs are all SOOO dope!

I really be feeling myself in the gym and catch myself staring in the mirror instead of working out! Anyway, their whole athletic gear is a VIBE and you guys have to check them out!

Shop your own Pure Move Bra here!

This post is sponsored by Reebok; all opinions are my own.