Let’s Talk…. PROBIOTICS!

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Hey babes! So today I am talking all things GUT HEALTH. As I work on being a more holistic individual, I have been intentional about not just what I feed my soul, but also what I feed my body. You guys have seen every faith, fashion, beauty and lifestyle aspect of my journey, so I am excited to share with you what I have learned so far when it comes to what I put in my body. 

Ok so boom -- Adding probiotics to my daily routine has changed my life. My hopes are that if you haven’t already given probiotics a thought before reading this, you will at least have a better understanding as to why taking probiotics and taking care of your gut is very important and necessary for healthy bodies.*


Before getting the opportunity to work with Fortify Probiotics, my doctor had already been urging me to start taking probiotics because my pH balance levels were so far off.

  Our bodies are made up of trillions of bacteria, many providing health benefits to our body. Good functioning bacteria aid in the proper functioning of our immune system and also supports our digestive system, which in all honesty, gets neglected most often than not.  Unfortunately, our good bacteria can get dispersed or disrupted by our lifestyles and food choices—  One of the biggest culprits being sugar/processed foods (which is why I started keto in the first place).  

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One way to keep our bacteria functioning properly is to create a balanced environment of bacteria, and probiotics do just that! Probiotics, live bacteria, supply our body with beneficial bacteria which then balance the good bacteria.  And since probiotics’ main area of action happens in the digestive tract, it is in close proximity with our immune system and plays a critical role in immune function!* 

Being that probiotics are a crucial addition to someone’s lifestyle, it was imperative that I chose a brand that would deliver the utmost effect. Fortify Probiotics provide 11 probiotic strains, billions more active cultures than other leading brands and researched strains to support digestive balance and immune health per serving.* They also contain prebiotics, a food source for good bacteria, and are Non-GMO Project Verified plus DNA authenticated probiotic strains.* Fortify Probiotics DELIVER on all their claims (check them out) and after taking them for almost (2) months, I have definitely seen a change in my health and balance levels overall.

My digestion and food tolerance have improved. I am less bloated and I “go” more regularly. When on keto, one of the things they tell you to be aware of is the lowering of your pH balance— Taking probiotics help in the regulation of your pH balance. Additionally, when you are on a very low carb diet for an extended time, your gut’s beneficial bacteria could possibly starve from a lack of resistant starch & fiber. Which is why it’s important to take probiotics and repopulate a compromised gut.  I love them so far and would highly recommend, specifically, Fortify Probiotics to anyone looking for a great probiotic supplement.

Click here to head over to Fortify’s website, where they show and explain how to choose the right probiotic for your needs. Check them out! They provide great resources for learning more about your bodies and its needs!