Hey y’all! You always ask me about the jeans that I wear because of my shape/size so I just wanted to briefly share!

If you’re NATURALLY curvy meaning you have been this way all your life, with thick thighs you know how hard it is to find jeans that fit properly. I either can’t pull jeans past my thighs, or if I can, they are extremely loose around my waist.

Growing up have always had to wear stretch or spandex clothing items for those reasons above. I am 5’5 and heavy (no I can’t tell you guys my weight or i’d have to kill you lol). Also, because my weight fluctuates like crazy. Anyway, spandex pants and jeggings were my go to. With every pair I tried on, I had to ask myself, Will these pants get over my thighs? Will these show my crack when I sit down? Will shimmying into these  jeans cause them to rip? And are these jeans supposed to be tight or loose?

I then got let in on “Jamie” jeans from Topshop, from one of the girls that I follow on Instagram. I didn’t believe it and wasn’t even gonna go through the hassle of ordering them online, to be disappointed that the didn’t fit me.

I went into a Nordstrom that sells Topshop clothing, and tried them. Literally the first pair I tried on fit like a glove. They are true to size and extremely comfortable, but I would recommend you guys doing the same thing I did.  Go in the store to try them on for yourselves.

To all my thick girls having trouble finding jeans, definitely check these out; link down below! I know the struggle and these seem to be the perfect pair. If you try them out let us know in the comments below!

P.S. American Apparel “Easy Jeans” are nice too but I’m sure ya’ll already knew about those.  


JaLisa <3