This day one year ago everything in my life changed. It was the day I released my blog and stopped allowing the enemy and other people to control how I felt about me, my life, and what God has done for me. It was the day I stopped looking at my imperfections, using them as roadblocks hindering my personal ministry. But rather, I started obeying God like never before, therefore, adding to the kingdom. It was the day I recognized that I had a gift of Godly influence and was no longer going to hold it inside.

Since that day, nothing has been the same. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had taken all of my photo shoot pictures months prior, had my site made and all of my promo materials ready. I sat on it for months because I was so nervous about what people would think because I clearly didn’t have it all together and in the words of others, “How can you try to preach to someone else when you don’t live your life in perfect alignment with everything in the bible?” Those were the words I heard, so I didn’t want to release step up and obey God. Along with that, I just didn’t want to confuse people with my spiritual and personal journey in life. I knew I had not yet figured out everything concerning my life.

After sitting on it for a period of time, I woke up one morning and heard God as clear as day telling me, “if you don’t do it now you will miss your moment and lose your influence”. That exact morning December 5, 2016, I posted and took my blog live. Not knowing what would come after that, I immediately put my phone down. I was afraid to read comments or feedback from anyone. I did not know if I were ready to hear the opinions of others quite yet.

From that day and for a couple weeks after, God did some serious shuffling in my life. It started losing friendships, to abrupt ending of relationships. Yet, I was learning about myself more than I would have ever expected. At first it was completely devastating and anyone close to me can tell you how distraught I was. I later learned that every single thing that He moved around was for my good. And, all the friction that I was going through was doing nothing but pushing me to be better and do more. He had to put me in that uncomfortable state in order to show me what I was really capable of more and also show me just how strong I was. This time of pruning and separation gave me time to get to know myself. It was internal work during this time that produced what you all see today on the outside. I am so grateful for the favor and influence He has graced me with and I do not take it lightly.

I am so appreciative for all of you who have watched and followed me along my journey. I can only hope that you will stay tuned for the rest of what God is doing in my life. I am far from where I should be, but know that He is still working and molding me. I pray that I can continue to be a light and example of Gods favor and mercy, with Him using broke down old me to do His work! Stay tuned as I continue to walk in His will!

I love yall <3


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