To My Best friend:

Since it is Mother’s Day and I am not able to be with you, I felt like there was no better way to show you how much I love you instead of through my words. Where do I even begin….?

I guess I can just begin by thanking you. Thank you for being here, through it all.

Thank you for always holding me while I cried and promising me that tomorrow would be a better day.

You’ve been my rock through breakups, life decisions, and new chapters. You are the most important woman in my life, and you always will be. Ever since I was little you have been my hero and someone I’ve always looked up to. From telling teachers off when I was a kid (even when I was wrong) to coming to Syracuse during my finals weeks just to be there with me because you knew I was stressing.

I know life has been hard for you and I don’t always do much to make it easier, but you have sacrificed so much in your life just to raise me, and it means more to me than I’ll ever be able to express in words.

Thank you for showing me grace when I didn’t deserve it. For not holding my screw ups and lessons I needed to learn against me.

From supporting me emotionally through my awkward grade school days, to sacrificing your personal time to talk me through my problems when no one else cared, to supporting me spiritually through college, again, you have always been there.

You’ve carried me through when I was convinced I couldn’t go on. Thank you for (sneakily) becoming my very best friend, being my first and daily phone call, and being my biggest and most caring confidant. You answer your phone with the same enthusiasm every time, whether it’s my first or the fifth call of the day (most times lol).

My life has been full of so many twists and turns and there have been times when I’ve felt like giving up, when things were not going my way. Each time, you were there to remind me of my God given purpose and the calling on my life. Most importantly, thank you for showing me right from wrong, for encouraging me in my walk of faith, and for teaching me the value of respect not only for others, but for myself as well.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to have the “staple” mother – daughter relationship with you, that others always express they wish they had.  

Thank you for allowing me to share WHATEVER I wanted with you, no matter how graphic or uncomfortable it may have made you feel as a parent.

Most of all, thank you for being the example even when it wasn’t what you felt at the moment. You knew that Bear and I were always watching and it never went unnoticed when you would consistently take the “high road” in every situation.

As I get older, I realize more and more how much you have done for us and continue to do every day. I have no idea where or who I would be without you. I hope to someday be  half of the Mother to my children that you are to us.

You are the strongest person I know, full of love, forgiveness and determination, and I am incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to have that all of my life. So Mom, I love you so much, to the ends of the Earth and until the day I’m no longer walking on it.

Thank you for the life lessons and for my life. Thank you for making me me, and please, never stop being you.

I love you sugar foot <3

– Forever your BABY girl